Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trump Dump

The elections are finally over and I think everyone is thankful.  Perhaps not as happy as I am, but glad its over all the same.  The only thing interrupting my post election glow is that idiot with the hair Donald Trump!  Why won't he just shut up?!  I am amazed that he has been successful in business when he comes off as such a buffoon.  However, with at least four bankruptcies to his name I'm not sure he should be considered successful.  If his goal is to get publicity even if its negative, than I guess he's doing great.  Where is Melania in all this?!  When was the last time anyone saw her?  If she's allowed to speak when not spoken to then why doesn't she say something?  Shouldn't that be the job of a trophy third wife?  Maybe he's had her deported.  It think we all know how he feels about people not born in the continental United States.  I say we hold one more election to decide if Trump should get to keep his Twitter account.  Now there's an election that could unite us.