Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is It Elven?

Have you seen The Lord of the Rings? When Arwin chooses a mortal life for Aragorn, that's called Elven Love. It's a fair assessment of a fictitious love that makes you choose between eternal life and death. This is like being in love massive. Go ahead, roll your eyes it's ok, you should be amused.
In real life, of course, that type of love sounds preposterous to another adult. Teens think everything is a huge deal, but after the age of 30 people get a lot more realistic. I know this woman that is 39 and in love with a married man. One of the excuses she uses is that they have a love like he's never known. This guy has been married THREE times!!! She actually says things like "I know him better than he knows himself." This is what she tells him when he won't admit he likes her. Massive eye roll!! Since this is an Elven love, as far as she's concerned, she couldn't possible give up on this even after 8 years.
This type of immature behavior is so awkward for the other adults that are subjected to it. I just can't tolerate that type of thing. I also hate the the couples that are so in love that they couldn't possible take a break from pawing at each other. That is SO gross! And rude too, I might add. Next time you see a couple acting gross in public, remember, everyone else is judging them too!!!

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