Saturday, September 4, 2010

Parents Listen Up!

I was recently in a group situation with a couple I find completely repulsive. They bring to mind the in laws in the movie 16 Candles. You remember the Ricechecks, right? I was actually dreading this event because of them. However, upon arriving I was pleasantly surprised to find that everyone else was judging them too! I had thought it was just me because previously I had only been with them around their few closest friends. I was so relieved!
There are two things to take away from this experience: First, other people will recognize the same things you find unacceptable. It's not just you. And second, parents please I'm begging you, do not let your child think his obnoxious behavior is cute!!!! It is not cute and everyone you know will judge you for allowing it. Of this I can promise you. And parents, also be aware, people are judging you based on your kids behavior for the rest of your life!! Parent wisely!

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